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Technical Papers


Technical Papers

1.“Corrosion Control of Above Ground Storage Tank Bottom Steel Plates Using Aluminium Mesh Anode with Newly Developed Backfill,”

2.“An Insight of Cathodic Protection Systems for Reinforced Concrete Structures,”

3.“Cathodic Protection of Coastal Concrete – A review of the Factors Affecting Suitability”

4.“Using Cathodic Protection to Control Corrosion of Concrete Infrastructure in Marine Environments,”

5.“Selection Guidelines for Using Cathodic Protection Systems on Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures.”

6.“Cathodic Protection for Concrete Structures in Asia,”

7.“Cathodic Polarization Behavior of Anode and cathode on Steel Embedded in Concrete”

8.“Reliable Corrosion Protection for Bridge Stay Cables”

9."Investigation of E-Log I Tests and Cathodically Polarized Steel in Concrete"

10.“Laboratory Study on New Cathodic Protection Criterion Proposed for Prestressed Concrete”

12."Investigation of 100 mV Polarization Shift Criterion for Reinforcing Steel in Concrete"

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